About the Q&A


The Q+A, or the Aspie Quora as it is informally known, is for all the questions that you always wanted to know the answers to but were afraid to ask.

This sub-site is publicly accessible - please do not post your personal medical or confidential information here if you do not want it to be indexed by Google and other search engines.

Please post your queries here about anything relating to autism - you can cover anything you want, including but not limited to, social rules, managing relationships, problems organising yourself, related medical conditions, and getting more involved in the autistic community,

This is a knowledge-sharing database, so you are welcome to post questions on behalf of other people or that you have seen elsewhere (please do not post other people’s stories without their permission!).

If you do not have questions, you may have answers: please contribute! This category is publicly accessible and indexed by search engines, so if you have a great solution to a problem, all aspies worldwide will be able to benefit from your insights.

Unlike all other categories, replies are organised by popularity, so vote on your favourite responses to see great answers float to the top of each post!