Alcohol and autism

Do people drink alcohol or not? Why?

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Not any more!

I used to drink daily. Alcohol helped me unwind and (for the first drink of the evening) feel great. But I increasingly came to realise that it was one of the causal factors in my depressive moods and so I gave it up. Which was really hard. And it was also really tough because at the time it happened it wasn’t really anything I could talk about with anyone. Its fine to like a drink, and its fine to have a few years sobriety behind you, but saying you think you have a problem with drink, when you aren’t sure you can hack sobriety is an incredibly tricky thing to admit.

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I did as self meditation for over 30 years, but I’m nearly 5 years without. It helped me manage the intense distress of having to mask myself in a hostile environment. For example, I learnt to engage in eye contact and smiling at people, yet it always caused me considerable pain/distress. Stopping drinking has meant that I’ve had to try to learn other ways of soothing. It is great since I learnt I’m autistic, as now I have “permission” to stim and openly exhibit other behavioural traits, or avoid distressing ones. I’ve had to diligently practice not smiling and not looking people in the face, because if I do it causes me distress that I can’t soothe, but I now have a reason and an excuse. So the distress is reduced considerably. But I’ll never drink again. Too risky now.


This is very interesting, thank you to you both for being willing to post this.