Am I being really stupid?


…or is it anxiety? I’m not very good with new stuff and when I try to read the advice and guidance I’m getting overwhelmed. I would just like to say hello but feel that’s not question-ish enough for Q&A.


Hello! Your subject line was a grammatically correct clearly constructed question. I would say you have correctly followed all procedures. And the answer to your question is, no!

How did you find out about the Empire?


Thank you :blush: I saw a tweet on Twitter and thought it sounds like a brilliant idea. I do get easily confused and couldn’t make sense of some of the hints I read, but if it’s ok to just dive in like I did then that’s great :sunglasses:

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You raise a very good point, Mary, which is that there is no obvious place to post hellos. As you may be able to see, we made some changes to the Forum that are only half-finished, but when we have that sorted which will hopefully be this month, we’ll have a think about how we can make this a more friendly place to introduce yourself.

Welcome to the Empire, btw, it’s great that you’ve found us. :slight_smile: Do you have any questions?


I’ve just adding a specific intro thread and pinned it to the top of the General Board, thanks for the inspiration Mary. :slight_smile:

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Well that’s a positive start then! I do feel like I have something to contribute I’m just not good at expressing it to others. Well done for picking something out. You are so good at this! :kissing_heart: