Are these likely signs of Aspies?

My daughter’s boyfriend of two years shows affection such as cuddling
on the sofa yet doesn’t like accidental touching when they are in bed
going to sleep. He has suggested they have separate bedrooms. They are
aged 22 and 21.

He also will stand looking on, when she is struggling to move heavy
furniture and won’t even help if asked. He explained to her that it’s
her decision to move it and so it’s her problem. She replied that she
offers to help him carry things and he then recommend that she stops
offering to do that.

He struggles to convey personality in interviews. He has top grades at
uni in his finance degree so is applying for jobs in investment
banking (where I would have thought the personality angle would be
less important)

There are many reasons why people might behave in the way that you describe, and I would be reluctant to discuss the personal characteristics of a particular person openly on the public internet, even anonymously. But certainly the information you have given would fit certain types of autistic people.

I assume you have posted this question because you would like to know what to do if he were autistic, and I guess there’s two facets to that. Firstly, helping someone to realise that they may be autistic in an encouraging rather than a overbearing way. This is important for autistic people’s own self-image and understanding or ourselves. It’s also not easy if people have a fixed perception of themselves as neurotypical and (often) a negative perception of what it means to be autistic.

Secondly, addressing any issues that may be negatively affecting his relationships because he may not be aware of how he is coming across. I would not want to discuss that in detail in a public forum, but the standard approaches for dealing with difficulties in relationships (effective communication, negotiation, relationship counselling) etc., would apply.