Autistics and Astrology

A question purely from my own curiosity/a reason to bring up my special interest: how do other autistics feel about astrology? It’s often considered to be ~metaphysical~, which I know is a turn off to some logic-based-autie-brains. But when you get into it, it’s an exact math, and, my favorite parts: there are endless things to learn, and it’s a way to organize and understand things! Astrologers are always debating and discussing the logic behind everything, and they’re all very particular and detail oriented.

So, I got super into it for a few weeks a decade or so ago, but what ultimately bothered me about it is the inconsistency. For example, there is no universally agreed system of determining your star chart. You can have a different set of stars, and thus different houses, and signs in whatever planet, depending on which website you put your time of birth into. And that’s obviously terrible if you’re trying to read significance into whether your Virgo is in the tenth house or whatever.

Also they struggle to integrate new astronomical developments. People vary wildly on how to interpret Lilith, for example. When Pluto was discovered, people were like, wtf, and then decided to say it represented our relationship to technology - so now Pluto isn’t a planet, has it been removed from the charts? If it’s not going to be removed from the charts, are the other four dwarf planets going to be added?

My star sign (Aquarius and Taurus rising) happens to fit my character perfectly, unlike other description such as Libra or Gemini, so I really would like there to be something to it, but I regard astrology ultimately like Tarot - a psychological device which you engage with in order to better understand yourself and your situation that is an entirely subjective experience that delivers you want you need in that moment. I had a friend who was super into astrology who dealt with my questions like, “Why do we still interpret people’s star charts according to the heavens of three thousand years ago even though the wobble of the earth’s axis means there’s a thirteenth sign of the Zodiac?” by saying “The system isn’t based on anything outside of itself. It just works.” If astrologers wish to drop the pseudoscientific claims and say, “hey, it’s just neat, alright?”, I can get behind that, because it is very rationally ordered, which is exciting.