Captioned Performances


I really like captions, they make it a lot easier for me to follow along. I always turn them on when it’s an option on TV. I recently discovered that theatres have started captioning their plays too, and I’ve started booking captioned performances when they’re available. So there’s a play I want to see that offers a captioned performance but is offered in a way that makes it clear they’re only expecting people who are deaf to book it. It’s a very popular play and they only do captioned performances once a quarter. What are the ethics of this, I’ve got delayed auditory processing written on a report somewhere but I’m hearing and I could go to the non-captioned performance at only a mild inconvenience to myself but a deaf person couldn’t. What to do? [Cross-posted from FB]



Captions are amazing. I’ve started booking plays on nights that do captioned performances as well - I haven’t seen them in a way that suggests they are exclusively for a certain group of people. As an economist, my approach is to vote with my wallet, if theaters see that captioned performances are popular then they will respond by offering more of them. I was super excited to read about these, though they seem targetted for people with hearing impairments. So I might feel bad using them, but I’d love to have the option to use them (and would pay a reasonable amount to rent them for a night).

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