Changing Q+A to The Oracle?


Q+A is a mildly misleading term for this project and it needs a better brand to indicate what it is. Oracle is obviously one of the biggest software companies in the world, but The Oracle is a shopping centre in Reading and is unlikely to interfere with our SEO. Thoughts?

“Consulting The Oracle” is definitely A thing! Those of us old enough to remember Ceefax and Teletext, may remember Oracle predated Teletext as well,
I like it.

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I think that works!

[and other characters needed to meet the 20 character rule]

So, I received an objection to this as an idea because “The Oracle” sounds like a single source of information rather than a crowd-funded series of answers. An interesting points.

So what about “the Oracles”?

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That’s a better iteration, go for it.