"Disclaimer" requested by an employer in emails?

My employer has heavily suggested that I add a “disclaimer” at the bottom of my emails to to explain to people that I am autistic and then & bullet points of how they might affect me. I suppose they are convinced that it could help me and I feel awkward/difficult to resisting this.

that sounds awful and discriminatory
if you were deaf or in a wheelchair, would you be required to announce it to everyone you ever contacted?
they may be trying to help, but i can see why you would feel bad about it.
my mum recently suggested i start wearing a badge to tell people i was autistic, i felt this was also a helpful/unhelpful suggestion. in the end i bought a shirt that says ‘Autism is my superpower’ for wearing to places where people don’t know me but i’m likely to get overloaded. its more subtle and quite funny too.
perhaps something like that would work for you too?

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If you don’t feel comfortable doing it then you shouldn’t have to! Sometimes I find it useful to disclose at work, and I don’t mind if my manager tells people but that’s because it’s a choice and I am lucky enough to work in a fairly inclusive environment.

Could you say something like ‘that suggestion makes me feel uncomfortable, it’s my choice who I disclose to.’

I have thought about getting a badge sometimes. Mostly in situations where there is the risk of interaction and I want people to leave me alone without worrying I’m coming off as rude.