Ending a Conversation on the Phone

When you’re trying to end a conversation with someone you don’t know but you had to talk to them for a specific reason (so, like, you rang them to ask them a question about an application, or they were ringing you to follow-up some administrative issue with your job or something) and you have this chat with them, how do you end it? There seems to be some confusing mix of thank yous and have a good days and repeating of thank yous and also some pretended emotional connection that more intense than is deserved for what you actually just did with this person that you will never speak again. I’ve discovered the phrase “no worries” which was really helpful instead of just saying variants on “thanks” but it just seem quite protracted sometimes.

I find this difficult too. I sometimes say ‘Well, I’ll let you get back to work’ or ‘I better get on with [this thing]’.

I’m so glad this post is here! I also have this problem: I can start a conversation (sort of), but always find it awkward ending it. Face-to-Face is also strange. The only thing I’ve known is to just soldier on through it. It would be nice to know what others do.