How do you remember to do things?


I downloaded an app recently called Habits which lets me generate a list of things I need to do everyday. I included pretty basic things like brushing my teeth, eating my meals, exercising, meditating, but its made quite a difference to me having a clearly defined list and a pleasing way to check things off.

I also find google keep useful for things like packing and shopping lists. I’m generally bad at making lists, and then quite good at forgetting things, so its a bit of a work in progress.


i use an app called habitica. it lets me win things for doing tasks like brushing my teeth and remembering to eat.
you can win pets and armour and so on, and go on quests where your tasks do damage to monsters.
its silly, but it helps

there is also an ‘autistic adventurers guild’ on the app, which you can join if you want to talk to other autistic people, and it has suggested challenges with lists of tasks that might help you

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That sounds amazing! Much better than just ticking a box. Thanks for letting me know.


you’re very welcome :slight_smile:

i find winning a flying pig egg surprisingly motivating!


Oh, you know, I’ve tried those options so many times and I just added up with piled up reminders to brush my teeth or read this or take my medication for days and days and it ended up making me feel so bad I had to just let it go - doesn’t work for everyone!

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