Relationship Tips (romantic + otherwise)

I thought it would be good to have a place to discuss relationships, whether those are romantic relationships or friendships or familial or whatever.

I know I have had trouble with both friends and partners because of difficulty relating to each other - for me the best advice seems to be to explicitly set boundaries and expectations, and revisit these frequently. E.g. think about how often you communicate, how (phone / text / Skype / meet in person), and what you talk about and what you keep to yourselves. Not doing this in the past has meant that one person tends instinctively want / expect more than the other, and everyone gets upset. Also, it’s perfectly fine for you to change your boundaries; sometimes you have more time / energy for talking than at other times, and that’s absolutely fair. I think continually revising your expectations together is very important.

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Recently, I got a little obsessed (listened to most of two seasons in a weekend) with this podcast where a french therapist talks to a real couple for a one of session of relationship counselling. I found it FASCINATING.

I think I spend a lot more time than other people being interested in emotions and feeling. My own and other people’s. I also on and off meditate, and I’m reading a book about meditation at the moment which mentioned the idea that meditation is about being curious about the experience itself rather than getting caught up in reacting to the experience, and that really chimed with me.

Oh, I had the emotions tab open at the same time, and have inadvertently combined my replies! Sorry.