Retiring as an autistic person


Hi guys! I have a question from a friend. Does anyone here know of any resources or stories online about retiring as an autistic person? This friend is trying to support her husband who is really, really, really stressed about giving up his job, to the point that he hasn’t done any of the necessary admin that needs to be done, let alone prepared for what he’s going to do with his days. Due to low rates of diagnosis in the past, there seems to be very little information/personal stories out there on getting retirement-old, rather than just “older”. Thanks in advance, if anyone does know of anything. x


That’s a really interesting question, and I wish I had an answer to it! I think you are right in that the change in diagnosis rates mean the ‘autistic’ population skews towards youth. Its been quite a conscious effort in the empire to focus on autistic people rather NT parents of autistic children. A lot of the resources out there focus on autistic children.

I with your friend luck in supporting their husband. The thing that I find quite helpful in dealing with change is consciously exploring and establishing new routines to replace the ones I’m familiar with. But it is hard to do.


Hello, I don’t know if this is relevant or not, because I’m not quite retirement age (I’m 52) but when I stopped working due to other health issues and late diagnosis, I was really shocked that I was left with no energy so it didn’t matter that I had no plans. If your friend’s husband totally loves his job that might be quite different, but I think I learned that the job was just keeping me going and when I stopped I was more aware of my needs that I’d been masking before.
I would suggest researching and reading blogs. I find Twitter to be a good source and there are individuals who have a particular interest in later life issues.
Good luck!