Sensory Overload at Work


When you (one) is in the workplace and about to have an information overload.

What do you do?

I find it difficult to express my needs as I feel that my peers and colleagues won’t understand their importance.

Does anyone have any tips on communicating what they need?

I fear that I cant just ask for 5 minutes as it can be a competitive environment and this would show weekness and a lack of comradery.




It’s a really difficult one, but I guess the important thing is to avoid the overload, so I guess what I do is just absent myself to go to the toilet and just sit in the cubicle for a minute breathing. Often if you’re in a situation where everyone is running around like crazy and you just go do something useful like carry a box or a message away from the thing, no-one looks at you weird but also the chaos isn’t your problem for a while.

Not sure if that was helpful?


In terms of communication, I think it’s really dependant on your personality and environment, because when I get annoyed with how a situation is unfolding, I sometimes take the “run away until they sort their shit out approach” but if I’ve got the authority to do it, I’ll take a notebook, dominate the conversation and construct a plan that everyone can understand and follow, and people usually calm down and stop panicking/being useless in the absence of direction


When I meet new people at work I make a point of asking them what their preferred working style is, and that let’s them express their preferences (if they have that level of self awareness) and sometimes opens a wider conversation that allows me to explain what I want (a quiet space and a plan).