Subtitles on television programmes - do you or don’t you? Why?

I always have, whenever it’s an option. I can hear fine, I just like it. Processing speed, perhaps?


I mostly don’t
I find I can either read or I can pay attention to what is happening, I can’t do both at the same time.
But I am also dyslexic and reading can take up a lot of my processing.


Yes! I love subtitles, and I think it must be a processing thing. I’ve even started looking out for theatre or cinema events which have subtitles because I find it increases my enjoyment so much. It is slightly odd though when watching comedy that you see the punchline before its said, but I still much prefer using them to not using them.

Also, the pedant in me love seeing when they get things slightly wrong.


I started going to exercise classes which have loud music, and I frequently find myself wishing there were subtitles. Its so difficult to understand what the instructor is saying (especially if you are rubbish at coordination and mapping someone else’s movements onto your own).