Hello all,
I’m looking for a therapist (specifically for couple therapy), and this one seems to have a good understanding of ASD issues.
Any citizens know of anyone they can suggest, or have any comments on this person’s website and blog?
Thank you!


I think they look really good! I like what they say in their FAQs about what they can do to make it less of an anxiety provoking process for autistic people and they are transparent about their processes and their prices.

I chose my first therapist because he had experience working with autism, but it was a bad fit, and I ended it after 6 sessions. My current therapist isn’t a specialist, but is great and we get along and I can let my guard down. So if you go and it doesn’t work for you then try something else.

Something I’ve been really enjoying recently is a relationship podcast called 'Where Shall We Begin’. Its just a single recorded couples therapy session (its real) with this great relationship therapist called Ester Perel. I find it really fascinating to listen to and reflect on. Not a substitute for therapy but if you are thinking about relationships at the moment you might enjoy it, plus its free!

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Thank you Cee, I’m so grateful to you for taking the time to have a look. And thank you for telling me a bit about your own experience. That podcast sounds brilliant and I’ll give it a listen :kissing_heart: