Travel tips (buses, trains, crowds etc.)

We’re interested in putting together a guide on managing travelling, which can be stressful. What problems/advice do you have for all forms of transport (buses, trains, planes etc.)?

If you live in a city that has it I find citymapper a really great app for planning journeys. I like that you can programme in your home and that it gives you loads of options so you can customise your trip. So if you find buses easier than tubes it will give you options for journeys that are just buses. And its great for unfamiliar journeys because it buzzes to tell you to get off at the next stop, so it takes some of the stress out of it.

I quite often just close my eyes on the underground. I find listening to music helps, I like podcasts but sometimes its too noisy to hear what people are saying. My big aspirational goal for travelling is to get some fancy noise cancelling headphones but I’m not quite there yet.


I super agree with all of this. When I started traveling around London more CityMapper was such a help it’s clear, easy to use and friendly. I also benefit from listening to music or podcasts to try block out the surrounding noises and commotion and help me focus.