WANTED: Book-keeper (unpaid)

For a full job description with criteria, see our vacancies page here.

What we need

We are looking for someone to take on a book-keeping role in the Autistic Empire. We have too low turnover to hire anyone (in the low thousands) but we want to have a good idea of what we are bringing in and what we are spending. We currently have a shop, membership fees, wages, and various invoices relating to our overhead costs. Our accounts are currently on an Excel spreadsheet.

This is a volunteer role but because it involves having access to our finances and our highest-security areas, we are looking for someone in the UK who we can trust and will stay in contact with us.

This role does not require you to have any contact with other people other than Sarah if you do not want to.

We have monthly Council meetings where we review what we have achieved in the last month and plan our strategy for the next one. You are not required to attend this, although we would ask that you do so in person for the first two meetings after you come on board to familiarise yourself with the team and us with you. Afterwards, we ask you to send us a monthly written report so we can plan our spending and revenue appropriately.

Who we are looking for

We’ll shape the exact responsibilities of this role around the time you have available and your skills, so don’t worry about that.

We are not looking for a free accountant (although if you’re willing to do that, please get in touch!) but someone who can track money coming in and out. We’re looking for someone who likes making and keeping accurate records, and likes working with numbers. The differences are available here: https://www.oneaccounting.co.uk/blog/difference-between-bookkeeper-and-accountant

We are keenly aware of high rates of unemployment among autistic people with other experiences and talents so we’re open-minded when we ask for experience (being a voluntary book-keeper/treasurer for another small association or society or a freelancer used to keeping their own accounts would be ideal). But we are looking for someone who can demonstrate to us that they’re going to either know what they’re doing or learn rapidly.