Washing Up

I was having a conversation with someone a few days ago about the order in which they did their washing up, because we did it in a different order but we both had in common that we organised all the different items to be cleaned together (cups, plates, etc.) I put hot water in any really dirty items and put everything else in the sink to soak and then wash glasses first (least cleaning) while the plates and cutlery soak, then the plates (smallest first), then cutlery, then put the dirty items in and clean those, which I figured to be the most efficient cleaning method. Speaking to this other person for me to wondering what other people are in the habit of doing?

This is not very ecofriendly…

I hate filling the sink, so I pile everything up in size order so it all fits inside each other and then put hand hot water on blast so it goes into the top of the pile and squirt some washing up liquid. And then sometimes I leave it for a minute and then start from the top.

Tactically I have a very small number of bowls (which is what I eat most of my food in) so I have to wash up quite regularly or I run out of things to eat out of.

I also soak any saucepans or trays immediately after cooking.

Dishes are one of those things that I just can’t do. If I lived alone I could, but touching, and sometimes even just seeing or smelling (so, gloves don’t help) other people’s food freaks me out so much that it triggers my gag reflex, and I’ve thrown up more than once trying to wash up other people’s dirty dishes.