What are cheaper alternatives to weighted blankets?

I really like feeling weighted down, and I love the IDEA of weighted blankets, but they are so pricey! Do people who like that feeling have alternative ideas?

supposedly you can make one yourself but i haven’t tried yet! have had this page bookmarked for about 2 years but never actually got on and made one: https://qualityplasticpellets.com/2013/01/04/a-warm-night-in-the-diy-guide-to-a-weighted-blanket/

Do you have a sewing machine? It was a feature of our house growing up, but I can’t imagine ever buying one now (though I am very uncrafty). I do really like the idea of making on though, because they you could choose the material.

That’s actually a good point! I do not. My mother has one, I would have to steal hers for the duration of the project… (But yes - lots of the ones I’ve seen online have been for children and have childish patterns, whereas I would prefer to choose my own material)

It would be great (and this is a 'in year five of the AE dream) to get somewhere like this to put on a half day workshop to help people create their own weighted blankets!

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I just have a very large super king size duvet which is obviously fairly hefty for sleeping under.

For sitting down though, one could always use two blankets. Depends on the weight that you are after, I guess.

Mmmmm, that’s made me think maybe what I need to do is to get another duvet and sew it to my current duvet. Eventually they all go flat! I can just keep adding layers until my duvet set up is like puff pastry!

I often fill a hot water bottle with warm water and place that on my stomach. It’s not as good as having a whole blanket, but I do find it comforting. Especially when it’s too hot for lots of blankets

Maybe what I need is just a heavier laptop!