Why, and how, do people mask who they are?


From Bret Shah (shared with permission):

Why, and how, do people mask who they are? E.g. When out of the house?
I am genuinely curious about the possible reasons and strategies.


Because of the three times I’ve disclosed at work I was autistic, I was bullied relentlessly at one (but I’m autistic so I documented everything and when I left that workplace, I made a complaint that pretty much ended her career in LD), and I was fired from another three days later. So I don’t tell people - I do tell people that I run an autistic group (Autistic Empire) and the clued-in realise why I run an autistic-led social organisation and the ignorant think I just really care about those poor aspie lambs. It’s been strangely effective at sorting the wheat from the chaff.