FILLED: Comms Officer (Paid) Deadline 15/2/19

Please note the short deadline for this (the role has been up for a month) is because we don’t want to keep existing applicants waiting too long.

Applicants will be interviewed and then given access to our Loomly account with a few examples of content that we need posted and asked to create several draft posts. We will be looking for appropriate use of hashtags, selection of images, and choice of wording.

For full details, please see our vacancies page here.

What we need

We are looking for someone to take on a communications role to promote our vision and our work to the public. Our current communications officer has recently changed jobs and can no longer commit the time needed.

We already have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts, in descending order of importance. We have a scheduling tool, Loomly, from which we manage all of these accounts and post things to.

We have a range of content to post about things that we do or we want to ask from our audience. Your role will be to post this content, to engage with any respondents, and to keep an eye out on the autistic world for anything useful that we can repost/retweet, or use for our work.

This role is time-sensitive and does require a low but consistent time commitment in order to maintain our social media position.

Who we are looking for

The Autistic Empire is being run on dreams, goodwill and someone who works a full-time job to pay for it all. To make this possible, you need to be able to work by yourself with support and direction to execute a strategy and not require validation of every decision – equally, you must be aware of the limits of your role and the way in which it coordinates with the programme of work for the Empire.

This role will suit someone looking to return to work, or perhaps as part of a portfolio career with other contracts, or who is receiving ESA. The Autistic Empire is being privately funded and thus has limited resources. As it grows, we can allocate greater funds to the communications budget.

@sarahi this is one of the posts

Ah yes, but the deadline on that does say February 2019.

I shall have to remember to add posts to explicitly confirm that roles are closed in the future.