FILLED: Sound Editor for Audible Autism

We have been putting together the recordings for Season 3 of Audible Autism, our podcast of interesting questions and interesting facts. We have a regular Sound Editor who has been dealing with personal issues in relation to the current crisis and doesn’t have the time to edit our most recent episode, which is an interview for Autistic Pride, which is on June 18th. This is a time-sensitive episode and so we are looking for someone who can help us as a one-off (or potentially more if you would like to do so, we always appreciate the help).

It should be a straight-forward edit of equalising sound levels, removing fluffs and adding our intro and extro. We have a Logic template if this is meaningful technical information for you.

If you’re this person, could you please DM or email us at

Please pass around to anyone who could help!

We filled this role!