Jobs Board

As some of you may have noticed, there are parts of this website that are still very much under development. We have eight people on our team who are all part-time and we are now at our capacity for what we can achieve.

This is our ladder of participation:

We have some specific roles that we’re looking for people for that you can see on our vacancies page here and for which I will create specific posts, but we’re also looking to fill in our lower rungs with people who maybe only have a few hours to spare or don’t want to commit to an ongoing role.

Wanted: 42 admins - 42 is a Q+A system where Citizens and guests can submit questions on any topic and benefit from aspie wisdom. Was this person flirting with me? How many aspies drink alcohol? What can I do to sleep better? All questions and answers are publicly searchable and sorted by popularity, so everyone can benefit from your efforts.

We’re looking for people who can monitor the 42 board, make sure people get replies quickly, and can spend a little time constructing good, helpful answers, and, if you’ve got a bit more time, encourage people posting questions elsewhere (their own social media accounts, Facebook groups etc.) to pop them here so we can get a database going. No minimum time commitment, great if you spend a lot of time hanging around online.

Please note at the time of posting, we haven’t finished the design of the board yet, so please don’t hold that against us! Following our February Strategy Meeting, the Council has also designated May 2019 as a month when we are going to dedicate all work for that month to investing in the 42, so we’re hoping to make the board self-sustaining by the end of the summer.

Wanted: General Vault researchers - The Vault is an archive of helpful resources and tools made by autistic adults, for autistic adults. Guides, templates, and tools that we wished we had - so now we do.

We built the Vault after someone mentioned in a meeting that it would be really useful for Citizens to have a one-stop shop of resources that are easily accessible. We have an intention to build actual tools that might be of use and to write up content for topics that are lesser known, but there are also a lot of existing resources that have been written and put online that need collating. For example, a list of Autism Hours that exist around the world does not exist.

If you have some time to do some searching and put together a list of existing pages and documents on a particular topic, such as Christmas, going to the dentist, or dealing with particular health issues, you’re going to find this interesting.