WANTED: Anatomy Project Coordinator

The Anatomy Project is a documentary project to produce a series of informative factsheets for autistic adults and parents of autistic children on the physical differences between autistic people and neurotypical people.

For example, the average resting heart rate of an autistic person is higher than that of a neurotypical person. This has significant implications for how we manage anxiety, because anxiety causes a raised heart rate and as aspies we’re already half-way there.

We are looking for someone who can coordinate this project. There are 11 different systems in the human body, and we want a factsheet on all of them, eventually. We would like to have something printable by June 2020.

We have people who are interested in writing for it, and lord knows that we have plenty of people who will look up facts for it, but we need someone who can define and execute, and prod people into doing their bit.

If this is you and you would like more information, please email me at sarahi@autisticempire.com, because we have now been talking about this since June 2019 and it’s not going to happen unless someone who is not me steps up and corrals everyone into going in the same direction.